The technology platform
One of the most significant developments in credit union data processing has been the advent of open-source computing running on PC workstations teamed with a modern relational SQL database based on a Linux platform. The developers at CU-centric have taken their years of credit union operational and technical experience and developed a system based on these tools.

What this means to credit union operations
Core processing systems based on legacy technology of 20 years ago tend to be expensive to purchase and maintain. Even though a vendor may offer a Microsoft Windows view of the system, legacy code may still be running “behind the curtain.” Program development and enhancements can be expensive to develop and time-consuming to install for the legacy vendor. These costs are most often passed on to the credit union.

CU-centric’s approach is simple. By using the latest in open-source and open-platform technology teamed with a true SQL database, our cost of system development is very reasonable. Features can be added rapidly without interfering with credit union operations. Since the SQL database is compatible with third-party packages, the credit union now has a wealth of third-party solutions available to them. The SQL database provides exceptional transaction performance with rock-solid reliability.

Our system is based on a server supporting either PC or thin-client workstations. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Mozilla’s Firefox browser used to access our system will most likely already be familiar to your staff so training is easier. Data entry and transaction screens are intuitive and may be navigated by either mouse or keyboard. Customized drop down boxes make staff training and rapid transaction processing simple. All processing is performed on a powerful central server running a secure operating system.

Back-office processing is fully automated and does not require personnel on site for jobs to run. The selection of jobs and reports is up to the credit union and fully customizable. Reports can either be automatically printed, archived to imaging, or both.

Third-Party Relationships
It is CU-centrics business philosophy to partner with other credit union suppliers such as Corporate One, TransUnion, CUNA and others. The company’s focus is on providing outstanding data processing while supporting vendors who provide your credit union with check, ATM, ACH, insurance and other services.

Since our SQL database is ODBC-compliant, our system interfaces with a number of third-party lending, internet banking and voice response providers.

Partnership with credit unions
We at CU-centric recognize that our success is tied to your success. A credit union’s strategic vision needs to be supported by their data processor. The system has been developed with great flexibility in mind. Determining fee structures, relationship pricing, variable-rate loan products are just a few examples of this. It is our goal to provide you with flexible solutions that address your credit unions specific business needs.

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CU Centric converted us from our core processor in only 90 minutes. Shares and loans were in balance; and unlike previous core conversions, the week following was an extremely smooth transition. CU-Centric delivered on every promise.
VA Pittsburgh Employees Credit Union
Pam Curcio, CEO