CU-centric is pleased to announce that Yorkville Community Federal Credit Union has joined its client base. Yorkville Community Federal Credit Union in Yorkville, Ohio is a full-service credit union serving the Yorkville area.

Of all the features that CU-centric offer the most exciting to the credit union was the ease of receiving and transmitting all of the backoffice files. What used to be a long process of posting ACH, drafts,etc, has been turned into an effortless event. Also, with the built in OFAC processing and Assisted Loan Decisioning, things that took hours to process now take only minutes.

For information on how CU-centric can help your credit union be more efficient, contact Jason Jones at 614-429-0888. 2012 and the first half of 2013 is filled so you will have to act fast if you would like to convert next year.